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Welcome to TruVox

An unbiased voice of a customer,
voiced by the customer,
is the most important voice!



‘TruVox’ or ‘true voice’ online platform serves dual purpose:
  1. Helps online sellers bring brand visibility through the voice (or reviews) of buyers
  2. Helps online buyers make an informed purchase decision through:
    • Verified reviews
    • Verified brand recommendations


At TruVox, our goal is to provide a ONE STOP solution benefitting both buyers & sellers:

  • An honest, reliable platform for buyers to make informed purchase decision
  • A realistic and data driven platform for new/small sellers to gain visibility and improve sales


For Sellers
  • A realistic data driven platform for sellers to improve sales by reviewing customer reviews & sentiments
For Buyers
  • SEARCH for brand-product reviews
  • READ & WRITE reviews to make a purchase decision


For Merchants

  • Maximize Spreading the word through verified buyer reviews
  • Intervene on negative reviews (time to react) before it goes live
  • Buyer sentiment analytics to better target audience

For Customers

  • Informed purchase decisions based on verified reviews
  • Brand/product recommendation engine for similar brands/products
  • Become a brand influencer & earn commission
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